Carole McDonnell

14 books

The Constant Tower

Carole McDonnell

fiction fantasy science fiction
adventurous challenging dark slow-paced

456 pages | first published 2013

Wind Follower

Carole McDonnell

fiction fantasy
adventurous emotional slow-paced

382 pages | first published 2007

Christian Laws of Attraction

Carole McDonnell

nonfiction religion

184 pages

Diversity Is Coming

Nicolas Wilson, William Lenoire, Mags Carr, Rachel Savage, Gail Villanueva, Kirstin Pullioff, Michelle Browne, Carole McDonnell

adventurous medium-paced

158 pages | first published 2015

Great Sufferers of the Bible

Carole McDonnell

nonfiction religion

74 pages

My Life as an Onion

Carole McDonnell


404 pages

NO! Not the Deli!

Carole McDonnell with Luke McDonnell (Illustrator)

nonfiction childrens

26 pages

Of Gods and Globes II: A Cosmic Anthology

Emily Munro, Kaaron Warren, Lancelot Schaubert, Howard Andrew Jones, JT Glover, Anthony G. Cirilla, F.C. Shultz, Carole McDonnell, Brandon Ketchum

informative reflective medium-paced

372 pages | first published 2020