Arthur Gordon

13 books

nonfiction history informative medium-paced

416 pages | first published 2015

nonfiction self help informative inspiring reflective slow-paced

181 pages | first published 1976

fiction short stories lighthearted relaxing slow-paced

339 pages | first published 2002

fiction thriller dark reflective tense slow-paced

310 pages | first published 1950

nonfiction self help hopeful reflective slow-paced

missing page info | first published 1974

nonfiction self help hopeful fast-paced

252 pages | first published 1974

576 pages | first published 1965

emotional reflective medium-paced

missing page info | first published 1959

nonfiction classics literary

338 pages


The Pan Book of Revenge Stories

W. H. Cozens with W. W. Jacobs (Contributor), Jack London (Contributor), Jack Cope (Contributor), Guy de Maupassant (Contributor), John P. Foran (Contributor), John McGhee (Contributor), Saki (Contributor), Brian Cleeve (Contributor), H. G. Wells (Contributor), David Alexander (Contributor), Arthur Gordon (Contributor), John Steinbeck (Contributor), A. Neil Lyons (Contributor), Edgar Allan Poe (Contributor)

fiction crime horror mystery short stories

176 pages | first published 1971