Seth Damoose

7 books

fiction fantasy adventurous funny lighthearted medium-paced

160 pages | first published 2010

informative medium-paced

124 pages | first published 2010

120 pages | first published 2015

Nightmare World, Vol. 2: Leave The Light On

Nightmare World #2

Dirk Manning with Seth Damoose (Illustrator), Grant Perkins (Illustrator), Jason Meek (Illustrator), Austin McKinley (Illustrator), Josh Ross (Illustrator), Renae De Liz (Illustrator), Senk Chhour (Illustrator), Erich Owen (Illustrator), Leonard O'Grady (Illustrator), Anthony Peruzzo (Illustrator), Carolina Eade (Illustrator)

comics horror adventurous dark medium-paced

128 pages | first published 2010

128 pages | first published 2011

Those Who Fight Monsters...

Tales of Mr. Rhee #3

Dirk Manning with Marianna Pescosta (Illustrator), Alessandro de Fornasari (Illustrator), Seth Damoose (Illustrator), Austin McKinley (Illustrator), Leonard O'Grady (Illustrator), Howie Noel (Illustrator), Josh Ross (Illustrator), Anthony D. Lee (Illustrator), Jim Reddington (Illustrator)

adventurous medium-paced

128 pages | first published 2016

fiction comics adventurous medium-paced

126 pages | first published 2012