Marie Corelli

77 books

fiction classics fantasy historical adventurous slow-paced

548 pages | first published 1889

fiction childrens informative medium-paced

526 pages

fiction historical self help informative medium-paced

280 pages | first published 1942

fiction classics literary informative medium-paced

212 pages

fiction classics lighthearted fast-paced

48 pages | first published 1896

fiction historical challenging informative medium-paced

152 pages

fiction historical science science fiction reflective medium-paced

288 pages

Queens of the Abyss: Lost Stories from the Women of the Weird

Tales of the Weird

Mike Ashley with Mary E. Braddon (Contributor), Marie Corelli (Contributor), Frances Hodgson Burnett (Contributor), Marie Belloc Lowndes (Contributor), Alicia Ramsey (Contributor), May Sinclair (Contributor), Marjorie Bowen (Contributor), Greye La Spina (Contributor), Sophie Wenzel Ellis (Contributor), G.G. Pendarves (Contributor), Lady Eleanor Smith (Contributor), Jessie Douglas Kerruish (Contributor), Margaret St. Clair (Contributor), Mary Elizabeth Counselman (Contributor), Leonora Carrington (Contributor), E. Nesbit (Contributor)

fiction horror short stories adventurous mysterious medium-paced

348 pages | first published 2020

fiction classics reflective medium-paced

268 pages | first published 1886

fiction classics fantasy romance challenging slow-paced

196 pages | first published 1921