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nonfiction autobiography biography informative medium-paced

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Ploughshares Winter 1992-93: Voices From the Other Room

Christopher Tilghman, Marie Howe with Jane Buchbinder (Contributor), Kathleen Cushman (Contributor), Helen Fremont (Contributor), Elizabeth Binggeli (Contributor), Richard Giles (Contributor), Jeff Hull (Contributor), Joseph Hurka (Contributor), Keith Althaus (Contributor), Doug Anderson (Contributor), Sophie Cabot Black (Contributor), Sigman Byrd (Contributor), Robert Clinton (Contributor), Katherine Weissman (Contributor), Don Colburn (Contributor), Thomas Sayers Ellis (Contributor), Susan Fawcett (Contributor), Nick Flynn (Contributor), Neil Fischer (Contributor), Anne Laura Friedmann (Contributor), David Gewanter (Contributor), Michael Klein (Contributor), Anne-Marie Levine (Contributor), Stephen R. Gibson (Contributor), Lucinda Grealy (Contributor), Fred Marchant (Contributor), Jeffrey McDaniel (Contributor), Jane Mead (Contributor), Malena Mörling (Contributor), Suzanne Owens (Contributor), Suzanne Paola (Contributor), Candice Reffe (Contributor), Martha Rhodes (Contributor), Jason Shinder (Contributor), Marc J. Straus (Contributor), Frederick Tibbetts (Contributor), Mark Turpin (Contributor), Nancy White (Contributor), Sandra Yannone (Contributor), Andrew Towle (Contributor), David Daniel (Contributor), Don Lee (Contributor), Steven Cramer (Contributor), Joyce Peseroff (Contributor), David Rivard (Contributor), Elizabeth Searle (Contributor), Debra Spark (Contributor), Maura Stanton (Contributor)

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254 pages | first published 1992

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