Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by adrienne maree brown

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informative inspiring reflective medium-paced


I was really excited to read this book and like many others thought the focus was more on activism, but then realized it was more about pleasure. The beginning of the book however didn’t set up the rest of the book right. I started off really excited and engaged and then wasn’t totally connected with a number of the essays and interviews. Like many others have pointed out, some pieces resonated more than others but it wasn’t as thought provoking as I expected it to be.  

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emotional informative reflective slow-paced


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challenging emotional hopeful informative inspiring reflective fast-paced


I didn’t really know what to expect with this book, but it certainly wasn’t what I read. The beginning of the book was quite off-putting and a bit vulgar (for me personally). I like the very short chapter format and there were a few chapters that spoke to me in regards to maintaining positivity though activism or maintaining interpersonal relationship. I would recommend a hand full of chapters to friends, but that’s it. 

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informative reflective medium-paced


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A phenomenal read. It challenged me in many ways, mostly dealing with subjects that I did NOT see as connected to activism. I was STRCUK though by how many philosophical concepts were used here! The central premise of the book seems like a very similar iteration of Plato's conception in The Republic that justice internally should mirror the justice of the polis! That is amb's main idea I think. And there was lots of claims to knowing the true nature of humankind which is deeply an Enlightenment quest to find out (I was not entirely satisfied with any of the claims). Lastly, there was lots of tension between romanticism and agency versus structures that dictate our freedoms. Made me uncomfortable and pushed my politics, so a great read.

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emotional funny hopeful inspiring reflective medium-paced


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challenging informative reflective medium-paced


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Delivers on “Pleasure”, not on “Activism”.

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Probably the best book ever (one of). Very empowering. A pleasure to read ;)

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Truly eye-opening, inspiring, enlightening, expansive--and fun to read!