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challenging emotional hopeful informative reflective slow-paced


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3 stars

Everybody has been talking about this book. While I’ve never really been someone obsessed with labeling myself with random letters or enneagram numbers, I think understanding how you relate to other people can be valuable. That said, maybe I’m more introspective than others or maybe I’m just missing the point, but I don’t feel I need to read hundreds of pages to get the just.

There’s three attachment styles:

Secure- You’re the Goldilocks of relationships. Not too needy, but also open and communicative about thoughts and feelings.

Avoidant- Letting other people in freaks you out. You’re easily smothered and like to have your own boundaries, which can be abnormally rigid.

Anxious- You’re scared everyone will leave you so you’re needier and crave affirmation and love.

Each of these has its own problems, and the obvious solutions are the ones mentioned in the book. Be reflective, communicate openly with partners, catch yourself spiraling and figure out the cause. Figure out what your partner’s style is and try to understand why they behave the way they do and how you can adapt to be a better partner.

If you’re reading my review. I basically saved you from having to drag through this book.

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Date finished is approximate, and I didn't do the paper exercises because it seemed like a waste of time, and I'm already in school... no need to give myself homework outside of class.

7.5/10. Pretty interesting, and I took some lessons from it, but a lot of it was overly simplistic. It was a run-of-the-mill self-help book imo, and I maintain that a self-help book isn't really the right way to go about these things -- take them as food for thought, and maybe take some pieces of advice from it, but don't live and die by one. This book is no exception.