Containment, by Caryn LIX

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This was such an amazing sequel! Despite a bit of a slow start, it was quicklg filled with action and continued the growth of the characters from the first book. I adored how much it focused on the relationships between the characters - the friendships and trust that was building between them all. And while I totally ship Kenzie and Cage, I really loved that their romance wasn't a strong focus of the novel, and that when their relationship came into question it was mostly to focus on their mutual trust of each other and overcoming any doubt. There was just this continuous reminder that there were more important things going on and I kind of liked that they didn't get distracted by hormones. If anything, Kenzie cared more about her relationships with the other survivors of Sanctuary and keeping them and the rest of humanity safe and I loved it.

I was also completely blown away by one plot twist in particular and man was that a surprise. So good.

I also enjoyed that characters who appeared towards the end of Sanctuary became more prominent in this book and I loved getting to know all of them - Reed, Imani, Jasper - better in this story.

This book was just a really good sequel that did not suffer from that middle-book syndrome whatsoever. I loved how well the characters theur relationships continued to grow and how much they came to rely on and trust one another despite some hiccups along the way. The action and horror was excellent as always and now I cannot wait to dive into Salvation.
5 stars