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I was about 13 or 14 when I first learned what feminism was, supposedly. My relationship with feminism since (I am now 21) has changed dramatically. I once asked my older brother why he would not identify as a feminist either... in short, he said the modern feminist movement is all over the place and that "back then" the different waves had more focused goals, like suffrage or abortion. Since then I have some books either on feminism and it makes so much sense why he sees it that way. 

What I enjoyed so much about this book is it forces us to challenge not only white feminism and white s*premacy, but to ask ourselves what is actually being centered in feminism altogether, especially to those who consider ourselves allies not just to women who look like us. This book helps us all learn about how white s*premacy, cissexism, classism, and other isms have seeped into every aspect of women's lives (cis, trans, gnc), aspects we do not necessarily consider feminist because some of the most sensationalized feminist topics include abortion, sexual objectification, or gender roles. Instead, or rather more fiercely, we need to address, discuss, and combat issues of survival for ALL women such as gun violence, poverty and a lack of quality healthcare. 

This book is for everyone also who thinks that just because we aren't Karens, that we can't embody some characteristics of Karens in feminism. 

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