Lola and the new school by Keka Novales

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I just finished reading this 64 page early chapterbook called Lola and the New School from the Hola Lola series written by Keka Novales and illustrated by Gloria Felix. The book is divided into 10 short chapters and there are nice colourful, detailed pictures approximately every 2-3 pages. The story focuses on Lola's first few days at a new private school, navigating making friends, finding her way around the school and bus and being brave. The book is very positive but demonstrates real problems and how children can face them and learn from their experiences. The story definitely values family and extended family, as well as Spanish language and culture.

The book includes an English and Spanish glossary with phonetics for pronunciation, as well as discussion questions, writing prompts, and a recipe for lemonade. This short novel demonstrates the importance of diverse books and would make a perfect addition to any early elementary class. I will definitely be purchasing this series to put in my Grade 3 class library in the future!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read an advance copy of this great book! I love the opportunities I receive as a reviewer for Netgalley because there are so many great books to discover and my students will definitely benefit from this great find!

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An adorable, educational, and heartwarming book about a Guatemalan-American second-grader named Lola, who has to switch school in the middle of the year. Her abuelita and mom give her encouragement to make new friends, take new chances, and try out new things. Slowly, she's able to make friends out of bullies, speak about herself in front of her entire class, and learn to embrace new opportunities in life. A great book with wonderful illustrations.

Thank you, NetGalley and Capstone, Picture Window Books, for providing me with an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Cute chapter book about what it is like to go to a new school and make friends.

Lola's grandmother still lives in Guatamala, where her mother came from. She speaks both Spanish and English. Her mother has gotten her into a private school, and she is scared to go, because she doesn't know anyone there.

Her first bus ride there, someone bullies her, but she keeps thinking positive thoughts, and makes friends along the way. When she tells her grandmother about her day, her Abolita says that it helps to know the whole story, and see if perhaps there is a reason for him being a bully.

Cute look at Lola's day, and her struggles to fit in to the new school. Short, quick read, with lots of positive things, other than the bully that happen to Lola.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

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What a sweet story! The book explores themes of changes, bravery, family and friendship for Lola who is headed to a new school. Her family, especially her abuelita, is very supportive of her and helps her learn and grow as she faces the challenges that change and uncertainty bring, I loved the cast of characters, Lola's personality, and learning a little bit more about Guatemala.

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I received a complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own

Lola and the new school tells the story of Lola .Lola is an energetic lovely girl that begins school at a new school. We follow her as she navigates new friendships , relationships and family. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I loved how the book was rich on culture and history and the illustrations were well done

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4.25. This is a cute story by author Keka Novales who grew up in Guatemala and illustrator Gloria FĂ©lix, raised in Mexico.
It is about a girl named Lola who has changed schools in the middle of the school year, saying goodbye to her old connections and learning to adapt and make friends at her new school. 

I really liked the format of the book - you are first introduced to the main characters, including Lola, Mama, Dad, Abuelita, and Abuelo and are given some interesting facts about each of them. Then starts the story which features several beautiful illustrations representative of the story, each featuring our main character, Lola. This is followed by both an English and Spanish glossary, questions and writing prompts, a recipe (Abuelita's freshly squeezed Limeade), and author biographies. 

My favourite part about the book is how strong Lola's bond is with her family, and in particular, how her mother and abuelita give her strength and knowledge to face challenges at her new school environment. Abuelita is such a wonderful, kind and loving character who shares highly meaningful and impactful advice that I think can be applied in many new environments and situations. I really love the incorporation of Spanish and Guatemalan facts/heritage within the novel and would definitely recommend this to young readers ages 5-7 and for children educators!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.