Pigs: An Extreme Horror Novella, by Wade H. Garrett

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First book that I listened on an audiobook, and honestly I don't think I could've chosen a worse book. If the tryhard edgy prose isn't embarrassing enough, they hired the worst possible voice actor who voiced the characters with annoying steoreotypical Southern drawl (no offense, but they made this accent sound as grating as possible) that sounds laughable when they tried to emulate the female voices. It's obvious the author didn't pass high school biology because the anatomical details didn't make sense either. As for the story, it sounds like a Saw superfan trying to make a twisted fanfiction but failed horribly on all levels, especially plot and characterization. I don't think this would even pass for middle-school-level writing.

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I really enjoyed this revenge novel,the narrator did a fantastic job.I loved the kills and enjoyed this so much I went and binge read/listened to the audiobooks for Wade Garretts a glimpse into hell series.So damn goood