House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

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dark mysterious slow-paced


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dark emotional mysterious medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


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If there's one thing I know about Sutherland, it's that she's not always going for the predictable ending. She's not always going for happily ever after. She's not always turning her stories into fairytales. So, when I saw this book I had this curiosity inside of me, growing and growing. What kind of story was it gonna be? Yesterday I finally figured out how I could fit it into my current reading challenge and today reading this book was a go!

The atmosphere in this book is deliciously creepy and brilliantly horrific. The book has one foot firmly in our world, feeding on stories we've been reading in newspapers, and one foot in who knows where. From the very beginning we know that something weird has happened and that it had come with some interesting side effects. We just need the rest of book, just like Iris, to gather all the pieces of the puzzle and to click them together.

I see a lot of reviews telling that they didn't see the twist at the end coming, I have to admit that because of that line I did see it coming. The hints to what's going on and what has happened has been given throughout the entire book. Sutherland builds everything up, nothing comes just out of nowhere and she doesn't shy away from having vague things happening only for them to make sense later when we have the tools to understand the vague things.

Because of everything it's hard to put the book in a box. There are clearly some horrific moments, and I don't think I will ever mindlessly walk through a door anymore, but there are also these emotional moments, there is a little romance and there are even some fairytale like elements. The book is not black and white, in loads of different ways. It's not one thing. It's many many many things. It's most of all an amazing and breathtaking read.

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Perhaps I did not fully comprehend what the author was trying to achieve. But I found it hard to swallow when: 1 - the human beauty/perfection is always described as a white, tall and skinny woman. 2 - Repetition following repetition. And 3 - this is a stand alone but a few questions went unanswered. Like why would Grey do all that she’s done? What were they before and what are they now? And if they could live in our world and do what they are able to do with humans, this means others probably were able to do the same, so where are they? And do they possess answers about the Halfway that the sisters didn’t have? I liked the sinister atmosphere and the bond among sisters, I also enjoyed Tyler’s comments and the relationship between Iris and Cate. 3.5 stars

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This was everything a dark and creepy fairy tale should be. I wanted a little bit more from it (especially the ending) than what we got, so that's why it's only four stars instead of five. But I really liked it a lot.

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2.5 stars rounded up

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House of Hollows is a story about three missing girls that finally came back in the middle of the night — naked and holding a knife — at a stranger house.

The story is told from Iris’s POV — the youngest of the Hollows. She’s the most ‘soft’ out of the three of them. While she’s smart and considerably kind, she has a battle inside of her about their kidnapping. She knows deep down that something has changed her and her sister. But like most people, she chooses not to believe it — to ignore it.

Strangeness only bred strangeness, and it felt dangerous to tempt fate, to invite in the darkness that seemed already naturally drawn to us.

I think the author did a great job with the writing. I love how she conveyed the confusion, denial, and fear into words.

There are things in every family that are not talked about. Stories you know without really knowing how you know them, tales of terrible things that cast long shadows over generations.

The mystery itself is pretty interesting and original. And we get hints here and there about what truly happened the night they went missing.

I couldn’t remember when or why we’d stopped calling our mother Mum, but Cate preferred it this way, and it had stuck.

In this book, the story began with Grey went missing. So Iris and Vivi had to find a way to save her. Grey is portrayed as an amazing person, who could make anybody loves her.

Grey was an enchantress who looked like sex and smelled like a field of wildflowers, the human embodiment of late-summer evenings in the South of France.


She slammed through the world, a tornado in the form of a girl, and left a trail of destruction behind her.

Unfortunately, everyone has a secret. And Grey’s secret is the plot twist that I didn’t see coming. But their father surely did.
SpoilerOh… Did I mention that Grey made him kill himself?

They don’t speak, except to whisper to each other


They eat everything in sight. They’re like locusts. Last night, we ran out of food.


There is something wrong with all of them, but especially with the one that looks like Grey.


I have come to a terrible conclusion:
My daughters are dead.

I also like how the author mentioned the sad truth about the media.

If they cried too hard, people accused them of faking it. If they tried to keep it together, people accused them of being cold.

Anyways, back to the mystery aspect. The build up is perfect. And I love how descriptive the author about things that happened throughout the story.

There is something that bug me, though. I don’t feel like the storyline of Iris kissing Tyler is necessary. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really feel anything between them.

Tyler is Grey’s boyfriend, who tried to help Iris and Vivi to find her. He’s pretty… obnoxious. So I don’t really get it why Iris even want to kiss him.

However, I do think he’s a perfect character to break the tensions.

”Knowledge is power.”
“And ignorance is bliss.”


“Can I leave you behind if you die or do you expect me to be heroic and drag your corpse home?”

I also have to say that the plot twist is almost perfect. Why almost? Because I was hoping that at least Iris would blow up at Grey when she found out the truth. But she was not. And that was pretty disappointing.

“… having something that resembles your children is better than having no children at all. Grief does strange things to people.”

This book is a perfect book for you if you’ve never read a thriller. Because while it’s full of mystery and tension, it’s not all the way gruesome.

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There’s something so cool about the book, I need to see this book turned into a movie. Everything just sounds so magical and the book was too detailed not to make into movie

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Short & Sweet Review Time!

I devoured this book in 24 hours. This was my first Krystal Sutherland novel, and it will not be my last. A dark, grim, and absolutely horrific fairytale with the most descriptive writing that I could ✨️taste & smell✨️ the rot.

This was SO GOOD! Easy 5 stars.

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This is like a YA thriller and I did enjoy it. Although some things I already guessed, many things left me shocked