Merry Measure, by Lily Morton

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lighthearted medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? N/A
  • Strong character development? N/A
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? N/A
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? N/A


haletostilinski1's review

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What a wonderful and joyful Christmas holiday story.

It's got that classic Morton humor, which I love, and two men perfect in love. But shenanigans ensue along the way.

See, Arlo Wright has basically been in love with Jack Cooper, his older brother's best friend, since he was 11.

As for Jack, at the last Christmas the year before, he suddenly saw Arlo in a new light, but has been trying to tell himself that his feelings aren't serious and aren't worth potentially ruining his basically lifelong friendship with Tom, Arlo's brother.

But things are about to change when they go on a trip to Amsterdam for the holidays, and for Tom who is planning to propose to his longtime boyfriend, Bee, who is perfect for Tom. (Also their story really intrigued me and I wondered if a story had been done about them and I just missed it, but nope, I don't think one has been done. I would love one anyway. Maybe even a short prequel story or something. They were cute together.)

When they get there, of course well...they have to share a room ;) seeing as Jack cancelled the room he was going to have with his ex, Steven, seeing as they broke up.

And without anyone to keep the separated or anything like that, these two get closer and the long standing attraction and feelings can't long be ignored, and soon enough things boil over between them.

I did give one star off of this because I personally didn't feel the relationship as much as I wished to between these two as I have with a Morton book in the past. It felt a tad rushed, which I get as the main plot takes place over about a few days, maybe a week during this trip, so I felt that things progressed a big quickly. Also the sexual components could have been done better. I didn't quite feel as much chemistry when they got down and dirty as I would have liked. It was still there, it was still good, but not blow my socks off worthy, ya know??

But all that to say, I still enjoyed these two, just maybe not as much as I have enjoyed Morton couples in the past.

Also the humor was spot on, the characters were great, and this was, overall, a very fun read.

So I'd still give this two thumbs up, and I definitely recommend :D

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Dnf 40%
Что-то герои мне как-то не зашли.

tabithaanne8's review

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I’m getting to the point where Lily Morton stories just do not do it for me any longer. I loved Oz and Deal Maker, but everything else I’ve read (which is about 80% of her backlog) is just mediocre. At this point, it’s beginning to feel like all her books are just the same characters with different names and settings. Nothing feels unique anymore and this wasn’t any different. Arlo and Jack could have been any other character in any other of her books and I wouldn’t have known. And there was something even more one dimensional about them.

I’ll always love Oz and Deal Maker, but I think this is where the road ends for me and Morton’s books and recommending them.

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Swoon worthy

So this wasn’t too christmasy which I appreciated. It was full of the authors trade mark snark and humor. I absolutely LOVED the MCs and the slight angst surrounding their relationship. Brother’s best friend trope came off really organic. Arlo was a bit of a walking disaster and I loved it! The side characters in this book stealing the show but were def a great addition to the story. Even if Christmas novels aren’t your thing I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this book!

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That’s what I want in a Christmas story. It was fun, sexy, warm, had a little bit of drama and the characters weren’t all serious adult. Total swoon. Brother’s best friend is a favorite of mine and this one held true to that. When your brothers best friend becomes more than your best friend. The writing was amazing I spit laughed many times. I really enjoyed the banter between all the characters. The smexy was HAWT!!!! And the side character were fun. Is there a previous book about Tom and bee? I would love to read that story. As now I want to visit Amsterdam.

wistfulreader's review

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wonderful and very sweet as always! lily has a great way of writing characters that are funny and likeable, and easy to read about.

the only reason it isn't 5 stars is because i like my books with a little more angst, but that's definitely a personal preference.

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Best friend's brother romance

Well done.

Pretty short. Very on point.

One MC has a supportive and loving family behind him, the other one comes from a cold household where he always had to be perfect.
One of them has been a bit in love with the other for a while and now the other one has finally caught up.
I usually don't like the whole didn't-really-see-you before theme but here it was okay.

The plot?
They travel to Amsterdam together with their friends. Quite fun at times to read about their interactions.

chelseavk's review

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4.5 stars
This was so funny, cute and sweet; just the kind of Christmas story I like.

rissa53's review

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This was lovely!

I love Arlo and Jack, I love Tom and Bee (I would love to read their story), and I love Fred and Diana (I would love to read their story, too)!

I really loved the descriptions of Amsterdam.

Much enjoyment and lots of laugh out loud moments! <3