The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh

Roderick Alleyn

Ngaio Marsh, Douglas G. Greene

fiction mystery short stories
mysterious slow-paced

240 pages | first published 1989

Apart from three of the shorter cases of Scotland Yard's Roderick Alleyn—introduced to us as a Detective-Inspector but inevitably being promoted (over his fifty-year career) to the rank of Detective-Chief-Superintendent—this collection includes an introduction to Marsh’s life and work by Douglas G. Greene; essays by Marsh describing the “births” of Alleyn and his wife Troy; four unrelated short stories; a teleplay for a British television series called ‘Crown Court’; and what may be Dame Ngaio’s first published work: the story ‘The Figure Quoted’, which was not discovered until after the first edition of this book was issued.

Roderick Alleyn
— Portrait of Troy
— Death on the Air
— I Can Find My Way Out
— Chapter and Verse : The Little Copplestone Mystery
Other Stories
— The Hand in the Sand
— The Cupid Mirror
— A Fool About Money
— Morepork
— Evil Liver
— The Figure Quoted

Does not include Newly discovered: The figure quoted

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