Douglas G. Greene

6 books

Classic Mystery Stories

Jack London, Rodrigues Ottolengui, Susan Glaspell, H.C. Bailey, Emmuska Orczy, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Douglas G. Greene, Samuel Hopkins Adams, Melville Davisson Post, Wilkie Collins, E.C. Bentley, Jacques Futrelle, Gelett Burgess

fiction classics mystery short stories
adventurous mysterious slow-paced

224 pages | first published 1999

The Collected Short Fiction of Ngaio Marsh

Roderick Alleyn

Ngaio Marsh, Douglas G. Greene

fiction mystery short stories
mysterious slow-paced

240 pages | first published 1989

I Believe in Sherlock Holmes: Early Fan Fiction from the Very First Fandom

Douglas G. Greene

adventurous mysterious slow-paced

missing page info | first published 2015

Merrivale, March and Murder

Sir Henry Merrivale #23

John Dickson Carr, Douglas G. Greene

fiction mystery
mysterious slow-paced

408 pages | first published 1991

W. W. Denslow

Douglas G. Greene, Michael Patrick Hearn

informative slow-paced

225 pages | first published 1976