Supper Club

Lara Williams

fiction contemporary feminism
dark funny reflective medium-paced

293 pages | first published 2019

A sharply intelligent and intimate debut novel about a secret society of hungry young women who meet after dark and feast to reclaim their appetites--and their physical spaces--that posits the question: if you feed a starving woman, what will she grow into?

Roberta spends her life trying not to take up space. At almost thirty, she is adrift and alienated from life. Stuck in a mindless job and reluctant to pursue her passion for food, she suppresses her appetite and recedes to the corners of rooms. But when she meets Stevie, a spirited and effervescent artist, their intense friendship sparks a change in Roberta, a shift in her desire for more. Together, they invent the Supper Club, a transgressive and joyous collective of women who gather to celebrate, rather than admonish, their hungers. They gather after dark and feast until they are sick; they break into private buildings and leave carnage in their wake; they embrace their changing bodies; they stop apologizing. For these women, each extraordinary yet unfulfilled, the club is a way to explore, discover, and push the boundaries of the space they take up in the world. Yet as the club expands, growing both in size and rebellion, Roberta is forced to reconcile herself to the desire and vulnerabilities of the body--and the past she has worked so hard to repress. Devastatingly perceptive and savagely funny, Supper Club is an essential coming-of-age story for our times.

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dark 68%
emotional 61%
reflective 38%
funny 37%
sad 27%
challenging 20%
inspiring 20%
adventurous 14%
hopeful 12%
tense 11%
mysterious 5%
lighthearted 1%


medium 67%
slow 18%
fast 14%

Plot- or character-driven?

Character: 93% | A mix: 6%

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Yes: 60% | It's complicated: 21% | No: 17%

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No: 40% | It's complicated: 29% | Yes: 29%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 53% | No: 27% | It's complicated: 19%

Flaws of characters a main focus?

Yes: 93% | It's complicated: 4% | No: 2%

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