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  • Custom Charts
    Create your own pie and bar charts, customise the colors and labels, and populate them using custom tags or custom book length ranges.

  • Extra Stats Filters
    Filter down your stats to a custom time period, or view stats for your fiction or nonfiction reads, your custom tags, any particular mood or genre, and more. You can also see your average rating across different book types and formats.

  • Compare Stats
    Compare any two stats segments of your StoryGraph library, whether that's a particular year against a custom time period, your To-Read Pile against your owned books, or a combination of several other options.

  • Exclusive Charts
    When comparing your reading across two different years, see exclusive year-on-year charts on the number of books read and their genres.

  • Shape the roadmap
    Vote and comment on upcoming features as well as submit official requests for new ones

  • Priority Support
    Your support tickets and requests for book information updates will be handled first

  • 30-day free trial, no payment details required