Misc Book Challenge - hosted by flowerchild_943

Read a book you’re terrified of.
It can be a long book, it can be a classic, it can be a translated work, it can be a book you know will completely destroy you, just conquer your fear and read it!
All books added

516 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

fiction lgbtqia+ romance young adult emotional hopeful reflective medium-paced

1152 pages first pub 1999 (editions)

fiction science fiction adventurous challenging informative slow-paced

630 pages first pub 2007 (editions)

fiction fantasy adventurous emotional funny medium-paced

5 hours, 15 minutes first pub 1866 (editions)

fiction classics crime literary dark reflective tense slow-paced

529 pages first pub 2002 (editions)

fiction lgbtqia+ literary emotional reflective medium-paced

263 pages first pub 1985 (editions)

fiction classics historical literary dark mysterious medium-paced

374 pages first pub 2002 (editions)

nonfiction crime science true crime challenging informative slow-paced

719 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

fiction fantasy horror adventurous dark tense medium-paced

709 pages first pub 2000 (editions)

fiction horror literary mystery thriller challenging dark mysterious slow-paced

257 pages first pub 2008 (editions) user-added

fiction fantasy speculative fiction adventurous dark emotional medium-paced