🏛️ Dark Academia Book Challenge 2023

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Starts: Sunday, 01 January 2023

Ends: Sunday, 31 December 2023

A challenge centered on the fiction (not the aesthetic) that can be labeled as Dark Academia. Here we're all about moody prose, questionable characters and nontraditional stories. This third round is going to be one year long so it can fit any reading schedule, especially for people like me who participate in multiple challenges.

  • Whatever you think can be labeled as DA will count, but here's a personal definition: any minimally ominous book featuring morally grey characters who are on pursuit of knowledge, on a journey of self improvement/discovery, at war with the academic world or just obsessed with someone's/their own work — regardless of setting (including magical schools and the like, but not limited to a campus). It can be a thriller, fantasy, horror, classic or even a contemporary book, YA or adult, fitting the traditional aesthetic or not. Also note that "knowledge", "improvement", "academic" and "work" can be interpreted in many ways.
  • The challenge is to read 7 DA books plus 1 bonus prompt.
  • The themes/prompts are just suggestions to make everything more fun (and to organize my tbr/recommendations list). So those who don't want to stick to them can just fill in the obligatory prompts with random DA books. The goal is to read as much as possible with enjoyment and flexibility.
  • The books in the descriptions are just recommendations! And I'm always updating the lists, but they're mostly based on synopses only, since this is my own DA tbr. (I have read some titles, and I wouldn't actually recommend all of them, but they do count, so that's why they're listed.)

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