A review by goodeyreads
Sisters of Sword & Song, by Rebecca Ross





Oddly enough, I have just previously finished a book where two sisters didn’t like each other and that was never explained well. Thank heavens for this book that instead brought sisters together in an absolutely beautiful way and showcased the power of that kind of bond.

I am really coming to love Rebecca Ross’s writing style and this is my new favorite YA book by her. I loved the plot and world building and all of the little nuanced magical details that brought everything together. Both sisters, Evadne and Halycon have POV’s and are one of kind women on their own. I love strong FMC’s and that is heavily present throughout.

There’s even a little dash of romance in Evadne’s character arc and I thought it wove in well to the overall storyline. I really liked the love interest and the complexity of his character too.

As a theme of forgiveness, strength, and found family emerge I quickly became invested in all aspects. Some great emotional moments towards the end where the action leaves you flipping pages as fast as you can. And I loved the way the ending wrapped up!

Overall audience notes:
- YA Fantasy
- Language: very little
- Romance: kisses
- Violence: medium
- Trigger/Content Warnings: accidental murder, poisoning, battle themes, physical and magical altercations, loss of loved ones