A review by krystimuggle
Mask of Shadows, by Linsey Miller


I enjoyed Linsey Miller's MASK OF SHADOWS. The best part of this novel by far was main character Sal, who is not only dynamic, driven, and resourceful, but is also the first gender fluid character that I have read in any novel. Ever. That's a big deal folks!

There are a lot of components of this story that I liked. There were a couple of supporting characters who were well-developed and interesting, there were hints of a dark power looming throughout the story, and the assassin audition, while not entirely original, was nonetheless entertaining.

I just wish there was more. I truly feel like this book needed at least another 100 pages for Miller to truly develop more of the characters, to showcase more of the audition, and to show us the magic system, which was really only hinted at.

I do think Miller has amazing potential as an author, and I will be eagerly awaiting her next novel, because there are so many great beginnings here. With a little more detail, this book could have really been great, and I'm hoping that the next book in the series will further build on the story elements created here.