Tendai Huchu

9 books

The Hairdresser of Harare

Tendai Huchu

fiction contemporary
emotional reflective medium-paced

200 pages | first published 2010

The Maestro, the Magistrate and the Mathematician

Tendai Huchu

fiction historical
challenging reflective slow-paced

250 pages | first published 2014

An Untimely Love

Tendai Huchu

religion romance
emotional fast-paced

174 pages | first published 2010

Interzone 257, March-April 2015

Interzone #257

Tendai Huchu, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, David Langford, Aliya Whiteley, Andy Cox, Richard Wagner, Nick Lowe, Ian Sales, Fadzlishah Johanabas, Tony Lee, Alastair Reynolds, Nina Allan, Jonathan McCalmont, Vincent Sammy, Wayne Haag, Rich Larson

nonfiction science fiction short stories
adventurous challenging slow-paced

missing page info | first published 2015