Michelle Mellon

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adventurous reflective medium-paced

265 pages | first published 2020


Blood & Bone: An Anthology of Body Horror by Women and Non-Binary Writers

A.R. Ward with Alice Austin (Contributor), A.J. Van Belle (Contributor), April Yates (Contributor), Caitlin Marceau (Contributor), Cecilia Kennedy (Contributor), Emma Kathryn (Contributor), Evelyn Freeling (Contributor), Faye Snowden (Contributor), Kristin Cleaveland (Contributor), Lindsay King-Miller (Contributor), Michelle Mellon (Contributor), Nico Bell (Contributor), Nicola Kapron (Contributor), Nicole M. Wolverton (Contributor), Petina Strohmer (Contributor), Sally Hughes (Contributor), Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin (Contributor), Varian Ross (Contributor), Vashelle Nino (Contributor), Victoria Nations (Contributor), Vivian Kasley (Contributor)

fiction horror short stories

missing page info | first published 2021

adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

missing page info | first published 2021

dark mysterious slow-paced

161 pages | first published 2018

adventurous reflective medium-paced

294 pages | first published 2018


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