Aurelius Raines II

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Apex Magazine Issue 123

Apex Magazine #123

Jason Sizemore with A.K. Hudson (Contributor), Mari Ness (Contributor), Aurelius Raines II (Contributor), Sydney Rossman-Reich (Contributor), Jennifer R. Donohue (Contributor), Katherine Crighton (Contributor), Michele Tracy Berger (Contributor), Errick Nunnally (Contributor), Andrea Johnson (Contributor), Russell Dickerson (Contributor), Alex Bledsoe (Contributor), Nicole Kornher-Stace (Contributor), A.C. Wise (Contributor)

essays fantasy horror science fiction short stories speculative fiction

218 pages | first published 2021

reflective fast-paced

92 pages | first published 2020

258 pages | first published 2021


The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September/October 2021 (F&SF, #757)

Sheree Renée Thomas Thomas with Nuzo Onoh (Contributor), Brian Trent (Contributor), Matthew Hughes (Contributor), Lincoln Michel (Contributor), Erin Barbeau (Contributor), Octavia Cade (Contributor), E.A. Bourland (Contributor), Carl Taylor (Contributor), Lora Gray (Contributor), Amal Singh (Contributor), Linda D. Addison (Contributor), Ali Trotta (Contributor), Charles de Lint (Contributor), Elizabeth Hand (Contributor), Paul Di Filippo (Contributor), Karin Lowachee (Contributor), Jerry Oltion (Contributor), Aurelius Raines II (Contributor), ali solomon (Contributor), Arthur Masear (Contributor), Mark Heath (Contributor), Kendra Allenby (Contributor)

fiction fantasy science fiction

258 pages | first published 2021