Russell Dickerson

13 books

fiction horror adventurous dark medium-paced

105 pages | first published 2010

nonfiction horror adventurous medium-paced

67 pages | first published 2012

141 pages | first published 2016

fiction dark mysterious medium-paced

123 pages | first published 2017

Apex Magazine Issue 104: January 2018

Apex Magazine #104

Jason Sizemore with Daniele Serra (Illustrator), Justin Steward (Contributor), Lila Bowen (Contributor), Nisi Shawl (Contributor), Cassandra Khaw (Contributor), T. Kingfisher (Contributor), Chi Hui (Contributor), Nick Mamatas (Contributor), Armando Saldaña (Contributor), Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley (Contributor)

fiction short stories adventurous reflective slow-paced

154 pages | first published 2017


Apex Magazine Issue 123

Apex Magazine #123

Jason Sizemore with A.K. Hudson (Contributor), Mari Ness (Contributor), Aurelius Raines II (Contributor), Sydney Rossman-Reich (Contributor), Jennifer R. Donohue (Contributor), Katherine Crighton (Contributor), Michele Tracy Berger (Contributor), Errick Nunnally (Contributor), Andrea Johnson (Contributor), Russell Dickerson (Contributor), Alex Bledsoe (Contributor), Nicole Kornher-Stace (Contributor), A.C. Wise (Contributor)

essays fantasy horror science fiction short stories speculative fiction

218 pages | first published 2021


Apex Magazine Issue 125

Apex Magazine #125

Jason Sizemore with Jeffery Reynolds (Contributor), Joelle Wellington (Contributor), Rose Keating (Contributor), Jared Millet (Contributor), Maggie Slater (Contributor), D. Thomas Minton (Contributor), Rachel Swirsky (Contributor), Tenea D. Johnson (Contributor), Jason Sanford (Contributor), Yohanca Delgado (Contributor), Andrea Johnson (Contributor), Russell Dickerson (Contributor), Maria Dong (Contributor), Ken MacGregor (Contributor), A.C. Wise (Contributor), Marcela Bolivar (Illustrator)

fiction fantasy short stories adventurous emotional medium-paced

230 pages | first published 2018

missing page info | first published 2017

reflective medium-paced

102 pages | first published 2017

dark slow-paced

142 pages | first published 2013