Francis King

48 books

fiction lgbtqia+ dark medium-paced

211 pages | first published 1970

Bend Sinister: The Gay Times Book of Disturbing Stories

Peter Burton with Neal Drinnan (Contributor), Simon Lovat (Contributor), Steve Hope (Contributor), David Patrick Beavers (Contributor), Francis King (Contributor), Michael Wilcox (Contributor), Patrick Roscoe (Contributor), Alan James, Neil Bartlett (Contributor), Anthony McDonald (Contributor), Lawrence Schimel (Contributor), Stephen Gray (Contributor), Christopher Bram (Contributor), Jack Dickson (Contributor), Sebastian Beaumont (Contributor), Kevin Booth (Contributor), Richard Cawley (Contributor), Graeme Woolaston (Contributor), John Haylock (Contributor), Perry Brass (Contributor), Neil Powell (Contributor), Jeffrey Round (Contributor), Richard Zimler (Contributor), Joseph Mills (Contributor), Ian Young (Contributor), Scott Brown (Contributor), Stuart Thorogood (Contributor)

fiction horror lgbtqia+ short stories dark medium-paced

350 pages | first published 2002

fiction classics lgbtqia+ emotional medium-paced

236 pages

fiction lgbtqia+ informative inspiring mysterious medium-paced

198 pages | first published 1989

nonfiction religion informative medium-paced

160 pages

fiction classics lgbtqia+ literary reflective medium-paced

306 pages

fiction literary dark funny informative slow-paced

248 pages | first published 1957

nonfiction travel challenging informative relaxing slow-paced

368 pages | first published 1985