Ray Bradbury

476 books

13 Horrors of Halloween

Talmage Powell, Gahan Wilson, Robert Grant, Anthony Boucher, Lewis Shiner, Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh, Edward D. Hoch, William Bankier, Robert F. Young, Isaac Asimov, Ellery Queen, Edith Wharton, Al Sarrantonio, Ray Bradbury

fiction horror short stories
adventurous mysterious slow-paced

176 pages | first published 1983

A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities

Crumley Mysteries #2

Ray Bradbury

fiction fantasy horror mystery
inspiring mysterious reflective slow-paced

320 pages | first published 1990

Ahmed and the Oblivion Machines: A Fable

Chris Lake, Chris Lane, Ray Bradbury

fiction childrens fantasy short stories
informative inspiring reflective slow-paced

64 pages | first published 1998

Alien Worlds

John Brunner, Bob Shaw, Robert Silverberg, Douglas Arthur Hill, C.S. Lewis, Arthur C. Clarke, Carol Emshwiller, Ray Bradbury

fiction short stories
informative inspiring tense medium-paced

128 pages | first published 1982