Rodrigues Ottolengui

15 books

Classic Mystery Stories

Jack London, Rodrigues Ottolengui, Susan Glaspell, H.C. Bailey, Emmuska Orczy, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Douglas G. Greene, Samuel Hopkins Adams, Melville Davisson Post, Wilkie Collins, E.C. Bentley, Jacques Futrelle, Gelett Burgess

fiction classics mystery short stories
adventurous mysterious slow-paced

224 pages | first published 1999

26 Detective Stories: Anthology

E.F. Benson, Rodrigues Ottolengui, Ernest Bramah, Anna Katharine Green, G.K. Chesterton, Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Harding Davis, Wilkie Collins, Victor L. Whitechurch

fiction mystery
dark mysterious medium-paced

659 pages | first published 2014

A Conflict of Evidence

Rodrigues Ottolengui

nonfiction history

362 pages

A Modern Wizard

Rodrigues Ottolengui

fiction classics

112 pages

A Modern Wizard (1894)

Rodrigues Ottolengui

nonfiction classics literary

444 pages

An Artist in Crime

Rodrigues Ottolengui


298 pages

Detective Barnes: Two Fictional Cases from the 1890s

Rodrigues Ottolengui

fiction historical mystery

486 pages

Final Proof; Or, the Value of Evidence

Rodrigues Ottolengui

mysterious medium-paced

184 pages | first published 1898

Methods Of Filling Teeth (1891)

Rodrigues Ottolengui

nonfiction classics health literary

212 pages

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