Nancy Kilpatrick

74 books

A is for Aliens

Lesley Drane, Mawr Gorshin, Monster Smith, Megan Neumann, Tim Jeffreys, Mark Anthony Smith, Nancy Kilpatrick, Theresa Jacobs, Dona Fox, Daren Callow, Astrid Addams, P.J. Blakey-Novis, Jeremy Megargee

fiction horror
adventurous dark medium-paced

280 pages | first published 2020

Anguish of the Sapiens Queen

Thrones of Blood

Nancy Kilpatrick

fiction erotica fantasy horror science science fiction
adventurous fast-paced

302 pages

As One Dead

Classic World of Darkness Fiction

Don Bassingthwaite, Nancy Kilpatrick

fiction horror
adventurous challenging fast-paced

480 pages | first published 1996

Black Wings of Cthulhu, Volume 2: Eighteen New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror

Black Wings

Caitlin R. Kiernan

fiction horror
adventurous medium-paced

391 pages


Power of the Blood #4

Nancy Kilpatrick

fiction fantasy horror
adventurous challenging dark slow-paced

280 pages | first published 2000

Campus Chills

Kimberly Foottit, Sèphera Girón, Douglas Smith, Nancy Kilpatrick, Kelley Armstrong, Brit Trogen, Julie E. Czerneda, James Alan Gardner, Carol Weekes, Edo Van Belkom, Michael Kelly, Mark Leslie, Steve Vernon, Susie Moloney, Robert J. Sawyer

fiction horror short stories
dark mysterious tense medium-paced

308 pages | first published 2009

Canadian Dreadful: An Anthology

Pat Flewwelling, Repo Kempt, Colleen Anderson, Nancy Kilpatrick, Jen Frankel, Tyner Gillies, Caitlin Marceau, David Tocher, Karen Dales

fiction horror
dark mysterious fast-paced

193 pages | first published 2019

Child of the Night

Power of the Blood #1

Nancy Kilpatrick

fiction fantasy horror
dark tense medium-paced

314 pages | first published 1996