Tanith Lee

334 books


Tanith Lee

fiction erotica lgbtqia+
dark mysterious medium-paced

146 pages

A Bed of Earth

The Secret Books of Venus #3

Tanith Lee

fiction fantasy
dark reflective slow-paced

345 pages | first published 2002

A Different City

Tanith Lee

fiction fantasy horror short stories
adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

192 pages | first published 2015

A Heroine of the World

Tanith Lee

fiction fantasy
adventurous dark slow-paced

448 pages | first published 1989


Novels of Vis #2

Tanith Lee

fiction fantasy
adventurous fast-paced

414 pages | first published 1983


Tanith Lee

fiction fantasy
adventurous dark slow-paced

508 pages | first published 1989

Arrows Of Eros

Chris Morgan, Christina Lake, Diana Wynne Jones, Brian Stableford, David Langford, Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, Freda Warrington, Simon Ounsley, Anne Gay, Alex Stewart, Tanith Lee, Garry Kilworth, Paul Kincaid, Iain M. Banks, Geraldine Harris

fiction short stories
adventurous lighthearted slow-paced

262 pages | first published 1989

A Wolf at the Door: And Other Retold Fairy Tales

Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling

fiction fantasy short stories
adventurous medium-paced

166 pages | first published 2000