John Russell

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Francis Bacon

John Russell

nonfiction art
adventurous reflective slow-paced

192 pages | first published 1971

McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Primer #5

Harriet Martineau, T.S. Arthur, Thomas Buchanan Read, Mason L. Weems, B.F. Taylor, Daniel Webster, Celia Thaxter, J.A. Knapp, William Makepeace Thackeray, Maria Edgeworth, Henry David Thoreau, William Cowper, J.T. Buckingham, Mrs. S.J. Hale, Arthur Helps, Thomas Hood, John Todd, Jean Ingelow, Charles Sprague, Mrs. C.E.S. Norton, Mrs. E.A. Allen, John Godfrey Saxe, W.P. Hawes, William Allingham, H.F. Farny, Robert Southey, Winslow Homer, Thomas Moore, Fitz James O'Brien, Richard Henry Stoddard, William Holmes McGuffey, Alexander Pope, John Keble, G.P. Morris, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mrs. F.D. Hemans, H. Fenn, Sheridan Knowles, Eliza Cook, Howard Pyle, George Bancroft, F.M. Finch, W.L. Sheppard, Mrs. S.M.B. Piatt, D.G. Mitchell, Mrs. C.A. Southey, Oliver Goldsmith, Charles Wolfe, C.S. Reinhart, William Ellery Channing, J.J. Piatt, Louisa May Alcott, John Greenleaf Whittier, Leigh Hunt, E.K. Foote, D.P. Thompson, Samuel Johnson, William Black, William Shakespeare, C.D. Warner, Charles Dickens, Henry Wotton, Peter Parley, John James Audobon, Douglas Jerrold, John Russell, Mary Hallock Foote, Mrs. E.L. Follen, Washington Irving, Elihu Burritt, James Thomson, Thomas Smith Grimké, Charles Kingsley, James Russell Lowell, L.L. Noble, George Arnold, Bret Harte, Jane Taylor, Charles Lamb, William Dimond, Adelaide Anne Procter, Mrs. M.E. Sangster, James Montgomery, William Collins, C.T. Brooks, C.G. Eastman, Alfred Fredericks, William Cullen Bryant, John Wilson, C.F. Briggs, James Fenimore Cooper, William Wirt, Alfred Tennyson

nonfiction childrens classics education
adventurous inspiring lighthearted medium-paced

352 pages | first published 1857

Accidental Consequences: A John Russell Thriller

John Russell

fiction thriller

286 pages

Adventures In The Moon And Other Worlds

John Russell

nonfiction classics history literary

222 pages

A Forgotten John Russell: Being Letters To A Man Of Business, 1724-1751 (1905)

John Russell

nonfiction biography business classics literary

366 pages