Gerald Kersh

29 books

Karmesin: The World's Greatest Criminal -- Or Most Outrageous Liar

Paul Duncan, Gerald Kersh

fiction short stories true crime
funny medium-paced

169 pages | first published 2003

On an Odd Note

Gerald Kersh

fiction horror science fiction short stories
dark fast-paced

154 pages | first published 1958

Star Science Fiction Stories No. 3

Star Science Fiction #3

Frederik Pohl, Jack Vance, Lester del Rey, Philip K. Dick, Chad Oliver, Richard Matheson, Jack Williamson, Isaac Asimov, Gerald Kersh, Arthur C. Clarke, Richard M. Powers, Ray Bradbury

fiction science fiction short stories
challenging medium-paced

186 pages | first published 1955

The Horrible Dummy and Other Stories

Gerald Kersh

fiction short stories
informative reflective fast-paced

172 pages | first published 1944

The Secret Masters

Gerald Kersh

fiction science fiction thriller
challenging mysterious slow-paced

200 pages | first published 1953