Victoria Lee

12 books

fiction fantasy lgbtqia+ young adult challenging dark emotional fast-paced

480 pages | first published 2020

fiction dystopian fantasy young adult adventurous dark slow-paced

384 pages | first published 2019

fiction lgbtqia+ thriller young adult dark mysterious tense medium-paced

372 pages | first published 2021

fiction dystopian fantasy graphic novel lgbtqia+ young adult

70 pages | first published 2019

fiction young adult

201 pages

The Grimoire of Grave Fates

Hanna Alkaf, Margaret Owen with Cam Montgomery (Contributor), Darcie Little Badger (Contributor), Hafsah Faizal (Contributor), Jessica Lewis (Contributor), Julian Winters (Contributor), Karuna Riazi (Contributor), Kat Cho (Contributor), Kayla Whaley (Contributor), Kwame Mbalia (Contributor), L.L. McKinney (Contributor), Marieke Nijkamp (Contributor), Mason Deaver (Contributor), Natasha Díaz (Contributor), Preeti Chhibber (Contributor), Randy Ribay (Contributor), Tehlor Kay Mejia (Contributor), Victoria Lee (Contributor), Yamile Saied Méndez (Contributor)

fiction short stories young adult

missing page info | first published 2023

fiction contemporary lgbtqia+ romance

missing page info | first published 2022

emotional informative reflective medium-paced

310 pages | first published 1996

fiction lgbtqia+ short stories young adult emotional reflective slow-paced

41 pages | first published 2020