Henry Slesar

46 books

A God Named Smith & Worlds of the Imperium

Keith Laumer, Henry Slesar

fiction science science fiction
adventurous medium-paced

218 pages

Behind the Death Ball

Talmage Powell, Robert Alan Blair, C.B. Gilford, Ed Lacy, Syd Hoff, John Lutz, Arthur Porges, Alfred Hitchcock, Lawrence Treat, Helen Nielsen, August Derleth, Fletcher Flora, Bruce Hunsberger, Hal Ellson, Henry Slesar

fiction horror mystery short stories
mysterious fast-paced

176 pages | first published 1974

Death Bag

Talmage Powell, Mary Linn Roby, C.B. Gilford, Robert Colby, Hal Dresner, Michael Brett, Robert Edmond Alter, Arthur Porges, H.A. DeRosso, Alfred Hitchcock, Richard H. Hardwick, Helen Nielsen, Robert Arthur, Jack Ritchie, Hal Ellson, Henry Slesar

fiction horror short stories
dark mysterious tense medium-paced

159 pages | first published 1978