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Galatea, by Madeline Miller

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challenging dark sad fast-paced
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Galatea isn't exactly what I expected from Madeline Miller. This retelling of the classic Greek myth of Pygmalion puts Galetea at the centre of the narrative and her creator is placed in the role of a self-aggrandizing abusive husband. Through the lens of Greek mythology, Miller explores the patriarchal dynamics between women and their husbands and mental health institutions.

In Galetea Miller crafts a biting portrait of the very real ways women were and still are seen as completely subservient to their husbands and how every infraction against that image of the docile, obedient wife is punished by individuals and institutions.

Miller's writing here is blunter than in her novels. The edge to her storytelling made for an arresting, visceral story. The narrative voice of our protagonist, Galatea is fascinating. Her acerbic commentary clever ability to use the restrictive mould she's forced into to her benefit made her such an engrossing character to follow.

If you looking for a dark, deeply cynical short story with a cathartic ending I would highly recommend it.

Content Warming: Spousal Rape, Domestic Violence, Pedophilia, Allusions to CSA

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