Dark Redemption, by Aja James

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This review may contain spoilers, so fair warning, upon reading the review.

His beauty was so raw, so elemental and devastating, that it reached physically into her internal organs, deep into her blood and bones, and made the primitively female part of her sit up and growl—mine.

First Impressions
Dark Redemption was such an interesting book that really held my attention and I was immediately drawn to it. This author is always so fun to read because she just pulls you immediately iinto a book and it’s the type of engagement that you know you are in for a wild ride. I have found that Aja James is such a dependable author that I can rely on her writing style to really work for me. When I picked up Dark Redemption, I was pretty amazed by the level of world-building that this author creates that can be so addicting from the first few pages. I will say I didn’t even know what this book was about, I literally just jumped right into it and as always this author knows how to write a story that has such a compelling feel to it and I have read her enough so far to know that I can trust her to write a brilliant romance and she definitely worked wonders with this book and even though it wasn’t my favorite of the series, I still had a wild fun time with it.

The major points of the story are that our characters Enlil and Clara meet on a public bus transport. Enlil has lived for centuries and is a dark one, but also has just lost all of his memories. He knows that he has a past, has lived for a long time, and is a danger to humans but he doesn’t remember where he came from or who he is. And then there is Clara, who is an art teacher and getting ready to adopt a little girl who has held her heart. When she meets Enlil, she is instantly attracted and the chemistry between them could burn your clothes off. But she also knows that he can be dangerous but at the same time there is a level of trust that she has with Enlil that doesn’t make sense, but she knows that he would never hurt her. As Enlil and Clara begin to explore what they have together in their relationship and building a family together, there is also dangers ahead as there is someone that seeks to destroy what they have built as a family and tear them apart….

His physical shell was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, but his soul was even brighter. If only it could be set free.

What I Loved
There were so many aspects to this story that I dearly loved. I really had a great time with the chemistry and its off the charts in this one here. I was actually so shocked by it, because it happened so quickly. This definitely had a instant love feel to the story so if that isn’t your cup of tea, just be mindful of that. I also really enjoyed the child aspect to the story. There is such a sense of love and found family in this book and seeing these three form a unit together was so endearing and precious. You see how they each are so lonely and in need of family in their lives and seeing them bond and connect was so satisfying. I also wanted so much from the romance and even though it wasn’t a perfect story, I was also really drawn into what we see build in this one. I was intrigued to see where our characters would go and what would be ahead for them. We also get flashbacks which aren’t really my favorite thing especially when they are back and forth all the time but to be honest, it wasn’t horrible in this one. But I will say that they need to be read in this book, its essential for the hero and to understand him more and when I realized whom he was connected to I was in shock because I literally never saw it coming and he is connected to one of my favorite characters in the series so that was so a unique twist where the author really shocked me (but it was a happy shock). It was such a treat to get some side action with other couples that were featured here and I am really intrigued to see where the author takes the series next.

What I Struggled With
There were a few things that I had some issues with and while I enjoyed the book as a whole, it had its flaws. The first being this was very insta love. While I love this trope, I do feel like it was a bit too rushed when it came to the romance and I really felt like this book could have used much more in length. Because I really just wanted more of this couple, and because the book is shorter as its only 250 pages, so it just felt like the story could have used more focus on the relationship.

Overall View
I found Dark Redemption to be a thrilling novel that took my breath away. It’s a novel of connection, redemption, and desire. Its emotional landscape will keep you thrusting for more and eager to read onto the next one in the series.

What is the point of living if there is no pleasure? No joy and laughter? Even if pain and sadness are ever in their company, isn’t it better to feel?

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[b:Dark Redemption|40875419|Dark Redemption (Pure/ Dark Ones #6)|Aja James||61570905] by [a:Aja James|970774|Aja James|]
Genres; Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
5 Stars and then some.

Well, I have a new all time favorite. While there is tons of mystery & suspense throughout, the love story, romance & passion of Eli & Clara transcends all else. Add Annie, the child that Clara wants to adopt, and you have a masterpiece that surpasses all other masterpieces.

Eli, Clara & Annie stole my heart, made my mind and spirit soar.
There is definitely something very special about both Clara and Annie. Eli (Enlil) is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Together they literally become an inferno.

Eli, a broken shell. With Clara and Annie by his side he is remade and reborn.

There is so much humor that Clara brings to the pages. She will have you laughing out loud & grinning like an idiot. Her passion for life is contagious. When she feels, she feels with every fiber of her being. By the end she will rip your heart out. You will feel her pain and anguish.

Other characters are woven into this story with the ongoing suspense and mysteries. Ava and Ryu (Eli's son), Grace & Devlin, and numerous others. You will see and hear a lot from 'The Creature'. There are some mysteries answered, clues to others, and new mysteries brought forward as this series weaves its magic.

You are ensnared in its web. The threads are woven tight around your mind, your heart and your very soul.

Read this series at your own risk. I tell you now, from the first story it will start wrapping you up, by the 2nd you start to become addicted, by the 3rd you ARE obsessed.

Every story is unique. Every story pulls you further and further into the Pure/Dark world.

You cannot escape. And just like any addict, you cannot get enough. Every word just makes you want more.

Go ahead and start reading them. Come join me in my OBSESSION!

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I had to take a break after the previous book because i was so overwhelmed with its awesomeness. Now I'm being obsessed that is. I have to be honest and say that i didn't really care about this couple at first. Maybe its because we didn't get to anticipate it. The story was given to us before we really wanted to read it. Or its because it came after Tal's book. However, this is a perfectly good story and i couldn't put it down once i started.

I loved Eli's inner monologue especially before he got his memories back. I thought it was hilarious. His power was also super cool and dramatic. I liked that his son was involved in the story and they sort of buried the hatchet and hope see more of their relationship. Was Eli and Tal living parallel lives? They both suffered in the hands of the Anu-bitch, in different ways, and they both had long hair, the opposite color, which they cut. I felt that there was a parallel there.

I really liked Clara as well. Why would she ever trust a total stranger like that? Well this is a supernatural world after all so i got over it fast enough. Are she and Annie really related? Is there something more to Clara's past and family? I'd really like to know in some future book.

What is going to happen with Dalair and Sophia? I'm worried. Can't get to the next book fast enough.

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Another really good addition to the series! It was really great to get the backstory of Lord Wind and to learn his story. There were a few twists I didnt see coming and I still have SO many questions and theories. Its going to be hard to wait for the next book in the series , I am addicted!

An ARC was kindly given to me from Aja for an honest review! Thanks so much ☺