Livia Llewellyn

27 books

Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & other Horrors

Livia Llewellyn, Laird Barron

fiction horror short stories
adventurous medium-paced

198 pages | first published 2011


Livia Llewellyn

fiction fantasy horror short stories
dark slow-paced

210 pages | first published 2016

Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker's Dracula

Ed Madden, Sven Davisson, Steve Berman, Livia Llewellyn, Elka Cloke, Traci Castleberry, Lee Thomas, Jason Andrew, Jeff Mann, Damon Shaw, Laird Barron, Seth Cadin, Rajan Khanna, William P. Coleman

fiction horror lgbtqia+ short stories
dark mysterious slow-paced

254 pages | first published 2013

The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction

The Best Horror of the Year

Ellen Datlow

fiction horror short stories
dark mysterious slow-paced

432 pages | first published 2018