John Shirley

146 books

A Dying Machine

Mark Tremonti, John Shirley

fiction fantasy
adventurous fast-paced

307 pages | first published 2018

Aliens: Steel Egg

Aliens (Dark Horse Books)

John Shirley

fiction horror science fiction
adventurous dark fast-paced

272 pages | first published 2007

Altered States: a cyberpunk sci-fi anthology

Altered States: A Cyberpunk Anthology #1

Cynthia Ward, C.J. Cherryh, Paul Levinson, Malon Edwards, Roy C. Booth, Terry Faust, Jorge Salgado-Reyes, William F. Wu, John Shirley

fiction science fiction short stories
adventurous slow-paced

280 pages | first published 2014

...And the Angel with Television Eyes

John Shirley

fiction fantasy horror science fiction
adventurous medium-paced

240 pages | first published 2001

A Song Called Youth

A Song Called Youth #1-3

John Shirley

fiction science fiction
adventurous dark slow-paced

798 pages | first published 2012

A Song Called Youth: Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona

A Song Called Youth #2

John Shirley

fiction science science fiction
adventurous medium-paced

798 pages

Batman: Dead White


John Shirley

fiction comics
adventurous dark fast-paced

320 pages | first published 2006

BioShock: Rapture

John Shirley

fiction fantasy science fiction video games
adventurous slow-paced

444 pages | first published 2011

Black Butterflies

John Shirley

fiction horror short stories
dark fast-paced

350 pages | first published 1998