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In the Footsteps of Dracula

Stephen Jones with Bram Stoker (Contributor), Christopher Fowler (Contributor), Thomas Ligotti (Contributor), Mandy Slater (Contributor), Ramsey Campbell (Contributor), Manly Wade Wellman (Contributor), Nancy Kilpatrick (Contributor), Nancy Holder (Contributor), Brian Lumley (Contributor), Basil Copper (Contributor), Kim Newman (Contributor), Hugh B. Cave (Contributor), Brian Mooney (Contributor), Roberta Lannes (Contributor), Lisa Morton (Contributor), Nicholas Royle (Contributor), Paul McAuley (Contributor), Guy N. Smith (Contributor), Jan Edwards (Contributor), R. Chetwynd-Hayes (Contributor), Graham Masterson (Contributor), Terry Lamsley (Contributor), John Gordon (Contributor), Joel Lane (Contributor), Brian Stableford (Contributor), Michael Marshall Smith (Contributor), Conrad Williams (Contributor), Chris Morgan (Contributor), Mike Chinn (Contributor), Charlaine Harris (Contributor), Brian Hodge (Contributor), Peter Crowther (Contributor), F. Paul Wilson (Contributor), Jo Fletcher (Contributor)

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