Basil Copper

35 books

And Afterward the Dark

Basil Copper

fiction horror short stories
dark mysterious medium-paced

222 pages | first published 1977

Dark Love: A Story from Bennett Bay

The Live Oak Tales #1

Stephen del Mar

fiction fantasy
adventurous dark fast-paced

378 pages | first published 2014

Darkness, Mist & Shadow: The Collected Macabre Tales of Basil Copper, Volume One

Allen Kosowski, Stephen E. Fabian, Les Edwards, Basil Copper, Stephen Jones, Gary Gianni

fiction horror short stories
adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

464 pages | first published 2010

From Evil's Pillow

Basil Copper

fiction horror
mysterious medium-paced

177 pages | first published 1973


Stephen E. Fabian, Basil Copper

fiction horror mystery
adventurous mysterious fast-paced

352 pages | first published 1980